Atrofische gastritis

(Chiel) over the past decade, an increasing amount of supply chains started using Interorganizational systems in order to increase information distribution to improve the cooperation within the chain. This thesis is aimed at giving directions towards a properly operating ios within a circular, dyadic business-to-business relationship, which informs the buyer of the expected workload and employee occupation, based on mathematical models using supplier data. This research indicates that an ios could drast. van hamstergedrag in gezondheidszorg, naar zijn een kwaliteitssysteem waarborg; Logistieke aansturing van infuusapparatuur in de gezondheidszorg Hofstee,. (Sander) Inleiding Het umcg heeft zon 2350 infuusapparaten. Het umcg streeft naar een verbeterd assetmanagement. Jaarlijks is er een budget vastgesteld van 580.000 voor de instandhouding. Door een actief assetmanagement verwacht men dat minimaal 20 van de totale hoeveelheid infuusapparatuur kan worden gereduceerd. Dit is omgerekend een besparing van zon 105.340 per jaar. Deze reductie is mogelijk met behulp van CureTrack, een voorraadbeheersingssysteem en een herverdeling van taken. ervaringen van (on)ervaren artsen: over de leerervaringen van artsen in opleiding tot specialist in het eerste jaar van de vervolgopleiding Schaafsma,.

atrofische gastritis

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Therefore, tests developed to detect simulated cognitive impairments need to be validated for their integration in standardized assessment procedures. In our simulation study, 114 students from the University of Groningen were randomly assigned to a naïve or coached tbi simulation group and archival data of 43 healthy controls and 22 genu. validating a design methodology for the design of information systems; improving the measurability of performance indicators in hospitals Ooserloo,. (Bianca) healthcare information systems play a critical role in the accessibility of healthcare information that is required for multiple purposes, such as providing treatments of high quality and obtaining insights on healthcare performances. Nevertheless, the success of information systems in healthcare is limited. This research focuses on a design methodology for the design and configuration of information systems in hospitals, bovenbenen to improve the measurability of performance indicators. the organization of innovation projects within professional service firms Esveldt,. (Loes) This study performs research on how innovation projects are organized within professional service firms (PSF). By combining the two research fields of theory development and academic problem solving, some valuable insights are delivered. Psfs are becoming increasingly important in todays economy as well as the effective organization of innovation management. However, results show that it is difficult to compare psfs due to the diverse characteristics between types of psfs. the lack of "Clean" communication; The influence of implementing an Interorganizational System on expected workload forecasting within a circular, dyadic business-to-business relationship Driessen,.

atrofische gastritis

survival of extremely preterm infants and ongoing controversy regarding pda treatment, optimal management of a pda among infants with established severe bpd remains unknown. Objectives: to describe the incidence, echocardiography. is de barthelindex bij ic-ontslag voorspellend voor functionele zelfstandigheid op de middellange termijn? Introduction: The newly introduced interventions in 2013 at the icu-mcl, targeted at the post intensive care syndrom (pics have led to improved functional independence at icu discharge. Meanwhile icu length of stay remained unchanged. This paper tries to determine whether this improvement is still relevant 3 months post-discharge, when patiënts visit the outpatiënt department. Materials methods: Ranging through n289 ic-mcl admissions where included, that lasted 48h and were see. feigning Cognitive symptoms after tbi: Validation of the tomm and dct and the Influence of coaching Schmitt-Monreal,. (Miriam) The awareness about the issue of patients feigning their cognitive deficits after traumatic brain injury (TBI) is increasing in neuropsychological assessment.

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rehabilitation of Fine motor Control in dikke Musicians Dystonia: Three days Motor Training With Transcranial Direct CurrentStimulation Ampomah,. (Isabella) Introduction: Focal hand dystonia in musicians (MD) is a detrimental neuromuscular disorder that can end musical careers. It´s diverse pathophysiology challenges limited treatment options, and the optimal duration of protocols remains elusive. This study aimed to a) assess the effects of three days transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and training on improvement of hand dexterity and b) reevaluate possible after effects 10 days post intervention. Methods: In this case-control study,. nieuwe modellen voor het vooorspellen van bijwerkingen na radiotherapie in het hoofdhalsgebied Anakotta,. Background and purpose: radiotherapy in head and neck cancer can lead to acute and late toxicity. The most common forms of late toxicity (persisting after 3 months are dysphagia and xerostomia. There is a correlation between toxicity and the dose on organs at risk (OARs). Recently, an international guideline on delineating oars has been published. The goal of this prospective cohort study was to develop new normal tissue complication probality (ntcp) models based on this guideline for predicti. the natural History of Patent Ductus Arteriosus and the Effects of late patent Ductus Arteriosus Closure in Preterm Infants with severe Bronchopulmonary dysplasia ansems,.

Local recurrences and peritoneal carcinomatosis (PC) after curative intent surgery for T4 colon cancer. Background: For decades it is hypothesized that infection-based immunologic pathways create a favorable environment for colon cancer cell dissemination to the abdominal cavity. Despite the prevalence and impact on prognosis of abdominal recurrences, the pat. intra-articular injections of Orthokine reduce symptoms of painand disability in patients with glenohumeral osteoarthritis. Current non-surgical treatments for glenohumeral osteoarthritis (gh-oa) do not work satisfactorily and tend to focus on reducing pain, not on reducing disability. Autologous conditioned serum (acs marketed under the trade name Orthokine, is derived from patients own blood and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The primary objective of this study was to determine whether intra-articular injections of Orthokine could reduce symptoms of pain and disability in patients with gh-oa. effect of Selective versus Non-selective α-blockers on the hemodynamic Stability in Patients with a pheochromocytoma Alagla,. Background: The use of preoperative α-blockers in patients scheduled for resection of a pheochromocytoma (PCC) is recommended in order to reduce hemodynamic instability and its associated cardiovascular complications during surgery. The choice between non-selective (PXB) and selective (DOX) α-blockers remains controversial. Aim: The aim of this study was to determine the optimal α-blocker for pretreatment of patients with pcc undergoing adrenalectomy. Methods: This interim analysis is part.

Endoscopic surveillance allows early detection and removal of precancerous lesions such as indefinite for dysplasia (IND) and low-grade dysplasia (lgd and may subsequently prevent crc. However, the long-term outcome after lgd and the subsequent risk to develop crc remains uncertain, since most available studies are small and cover a relatively short follow-up perio. preformed donor specific antibody class ii and its effects on graft outcome after kidney transplantation Uffing,. (Audrey) Most kidney transplant centers in the United States of America currently exclude all potential recipients with a donor-specific antibody (dsa by listing them as unacceptable human leukocyte antigen (HLA) on the deceased donor list. However, the role of preformed dsa class ii in graft outcome is not clear and its exclusion significantly reduces the chance of finding compatible donors for highly sensitized patients. In this retrospective cohort, we assessed the effect of preformed verlaging van de loading rate van de verticale grondreactiekracht tijdens hardlopen door middel van feedback: een pilotstudie vrielink,. Introduction The rate at which the gound reaction force (vgrf) increases in vertical direction (Loading Rate; LR) seems to be of importance in the onset of running injuries. Runners may experience fewer injuries when the lr is reduced by 10-15, feedback focused on gait retraining appears to provide such reduction. There are two different types of gait retraining feedback, the first one depends on the information from a persons own body (internal focus) while the other feedback depends on inf. the impact of abdominal infectious complications after T4 coloncancer resection on the development of abdominal recurrences Wasmann,. Objective: The aim was to characterize the effect of abdominal infectious complications on the development of abdominal recurrences (i.e.

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the influence of ultrasonic scalers on the functioning of pacemakers and implantable cardio defibrillators; a systematic review dik,. Objectives: The aim of the present study is to systematically evaluate the current literature for the effect of ultrasonic devices, ultrasonic scalers in particularly, on cardiac pacemakers and icds to add evidence based knowledge regarding health risks of patients wearing these devices when treated with. Materials and methods: to conduct this systematic review the guidelines for the Transparent Reporting of Systematic reviews and Meta-analyses were used (prisma statement). combination therapy of antithrombin and alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor in a murine model of direct acute lung injury. (Jenny) summary introduction acute respiratory distress syndrome (ards) is characterized by hypoxemic respiratory failure following an either direct (e.g. Pneumonia) or indirect (e.g. Dealing with hypoxemia remains kralingen the major challenge at bedside and is currently approached with lung-protective mechanical ventilation since specific treatment targeting the pathogenesis of ards is lacking. Pathological hallmarks of ards are uncontrolled inflammation and coagulation leading to alve. colorectal cancer risk in a nationwide inflammatory bowel disease cohort with indefinite for dysplasia and low grade dysplasia tilburg,. Van (Sanne) Introduction: Patients with long-standing colonic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) bear an increased colorectal cancer (CRC) risk. atrofische gastritis

Background Type of feeding during the first period of a childs life china can play an important role in the development of their oral health. The aim of this review was to give an update of available literature on the influence of breast- and bottle-feeding on the development of caries, erosion and the occlusion in children. Methods PubMed was searched for relevant studies published until December 2016. All studies including data on breastfeeding and/or bottle-feeding and their influence on the dev. behandeling van patiënten met ernstige kokhalsproblematiek :Een evaluerend onderzoek binnen het Centrum Bijzondere tandheelkunde in het umcg vries,. De background: Gagging is a natural, protective reflex that occurs when a foreign object threats to come into the oropharynx. The gag reflex can be beste induced by different types of stimuli and the intensity differs for each individual. A disfunctional, extreme gag reflex can cause problems during the dental treatment or the wearing of a conventional denture. In the literature there is no agreement about the aetiology and prevalence from such a reflex. There is a lack of useful, valid measurement instr.

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Healthy aging and longer living at home is the objective in healthcare and politics. This study looked at the rapidly growing group of independently living elderly people and the factors that affect their dental visit. A questionnaire was sent to 308 patients in a general practice. The response rate was. The study population was satisfied with the accessibility of the dental practice. The majority of the study population regularly came for inspection at the dentist. morfologisch contourherstel bij directe klasse ii composiet restauraties bij het gebruik van verschillende sectionele matrixsystemen. (Gerlof doelstelling: In deze studie is onderzoek gedaan naar 3 verschillende sectionele matrixsystemen op contour- en contactpuntherstel bij klasse ii restauraties. Materiaal en methode: Er zijn in dit onderzoek 3 matrix-systemen getest: het Contact-matrixsysteem, V3-matrixsysteem en het Twinring-matrixsysteem. Met behulp van een kolomboor zijn in 60 kavo-elementen identieke preparaties gemaakt die in 3 groepen zijn ingedeeld. Per onderzoeksgroep zijn 20 elementen geïncludeerd die at random zijn verde. early feeding habits in relation to oral health in children a systematic review.

atrofische gastritis

the effect of deep Brain Stimulation on Corticomuscular afval Coherence in Parkinson's Disease. Background: In advanced Parkinsons disease (pd deep brain stimulation (DBS) is considered as an ultimate treatment; however inefficacy and side-effects remain a challenge. A reliable, non-invasive neurophysiological biomarker could be valuable enabling the biljartkeu application of dbs in a highly selective way. Corticomuscular coherence (CMC) could be used as a potential biomarker. Cmc is seen as a representation of the co-operation between brain areas and muscles in motor tasks and is present. the concept of micro-merging within professional services: a case study in the dutch healthcare industry. (Nadine although the literature on mergers and acquisitions (M As) is quite advanced, analyses of micro-mergers—mergers of internal functional units within the same organization—remain limited. Clarification is needed regarding micro-mergers and their effects on performance. Therefore, this case study investigated micro-mergers within professional service firms (PSFs specifically focusing on healthcare providers. Thereby, this study addresses the following research question: How do different types. tandartsbezoek en de oudere patiënt, ebens,. People are getting older.

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Current section: Browsing University of Groningen: umcg, about this Archive, sort by: Author. Title, date, displaying records 1 through 50 of 2867. Next Results metabolic syndrome after liver transplantation : Differences in loopschema the occurrence of metabolic syndrome between patients treated with a calcineurin inhibitor and patients treated with an mtor inhibitor after liver transplantation. Ter (Milou introduction: The proportion of patients with metabolic syndrome (MetS) after orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT) is substantial higher compared to the general population. MetS consists of a cluster of obesity, raised glucose, raised triglycerides, reduced High-Density. Lipoproteins and raised blood pressure, which is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and liver steatosis. The difference in prevalence might among other things be attributed to the use. implementation of a transcutaneous bilirubinometer in a newborn nursery : A randomized Controlled Trial. Den (lieve objective: The aim of this study is to provide quantitative data on the reduction of blood sampling when using transcutaneous bilirubinometry to assess hyperbilirubinemia in healthy jaundiced newborns. Study-design: In a randomized controlled trial in jaundiced infants (36 weeks gestational age) in a dutch newborn nursery ward, the need for total serum bilirubin (TSB) measurement to determine hyperbilirubinemia was assessed by either oefeningen a transcutaneous bilirubin (TcB) measurement (JM-103) (inte.

Atrofische gastritis
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In Nederland treden ongeveer 2000 gevallen per jaar. Nederland heeft daarmee een. om atrofische gastritis te bepalen, een veelvoorkomende oorzaak van vitamine B12-malabsorptie, zijn bijvoorbeeld gastroscopie of het. Ikzelf heb atrofische gastritis dat in 2005 door een internist is ondekt door bloedafname een maagonderzoek etc.

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Bij atrofische gastritis worden antistoffen aangemaakt die het maagslijmvlies aanvallen. ouderen, alcoholisten, atrofische gastritis, tekort aan intrinsic factor of pancreasenzymen (onder meer door pernicieuze anemie. Atrofische gastritis : een verdunning van de maagwand die 30 van ouderen over 50 jaar treft. Maagkanker1 is kanker uitgaande van de maag.

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Een team van apothekers beantwoordt uw vraag in principe binnen enkele werkdagen. Vraag het de webapotheker.

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Het beste advies krijgt u bij uw eigen apotheek. Daar ontvangt u de zorg en begeleiding die is afgestemd op uw persoonlijke situatie. Mocht dit niet mogelijk zijn, dan kunt u een vraag stellen aan de webapotheker.

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De informatie over bovenstaande aandoening is geschreven door het. Nederlands, huisartsen, genootschap (NHG). De onderdelen over de medicijnen die bij de aandoening kunnen worden gebruikt en over wat de apotheker voor u kan doen, zijn geschreven door het. Geneesmiddel Informatie centrum van de knmp. Hoewel bij het opstellen van de tekst uiterste zorgvuldigheid is betracht, zijn het nhg en de knmp niet aansprakelijk voor eventuele schade die zou kunnen voortvloeien uit enige onjuistheid in deze tekst.

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